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New Spain Topo tiles in High Definition

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New Spain Topo tiles in High Definition

Message par Laurent764 »

Hello everyone,

CompeGPS has just released topos maps for Spain called High Definition.

For those who already have it, the update is free.

Now, the cards are named by the name of a city on the map and no longer by "303_03_202".

The name of the files becomes, for example: SPAIN_TOPO_HD_30_03_202_2016.rtmap

To take advantage of the "city name" function, you also need to reload the overview zip, chapter 5 of this page: https://support.twonav.com/hc/en-us/art ... 5000871792 to have the new SpainTopo.imp

And, good news, "the price of Spain Topo and Spain Ortho maps is now definitely halved".

The official page:https://support.twonav.com/hc/en-us/art ... 0028237472

Best regards
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